A technology focused project for job creation and youth empowerment. We will be partnering with global technology organisations, educational institutions, and state offices for ICT to facilitate development by bringing skills, knowledge and opportunities to Nigeria’s youth.


Innovation and Technology: Creating Jobs and Driving National Development

Africa’s most populous nation has a youth unemployment crisis. In Nigeria, nearly a quarter of the population is unemployed with a further 20 percent underemployed. The World Poverty Clock shows Nigeria has the most extreme poor people in the world, with 86.9 million Nigerians now living in extreme poverty, representing nearly 50 percent of its estimated 180 million population. The statistics grow more frightening as The Ministry for Labour and Employment has projected that the unemployment rate for this country will reach 33.5 percent by 2020.

To combat poverty and underdevelopment, forward thinking countries leverage innovation and technology to engender growth and transformation. From agriculture to health, education, business and industry, societies are harnessing emerging technologies to solve problems and create true progress.


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In order to ensure that Nigeria and her burgeoning youth population are not left behind, we have to be intentional about engaging with the youth:

Providing education about opportunities for growth

Skilling, reskilling and upskilling the ready labour market with expertise for surviving and thriving in today’s economy

Empowering the ready workforce with job opportunities by creating infrastructure that facilitates development

Connecting young people to job opportunities

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This conference and training series will be taken across all of Nigeria. The conference will be held in the capital city in each state and the Federal Capital Territory. We will be partnering with private organisations who lead the way in technology and innovation, as well as individual state offices for ICT, job creation and youth empowerment to bring skills, knowledge and opportunities to Nigeria’s youth.

From hands-on practical demonstrations of various technologies being applied to solve local problems, to introducing new and exciting professions and certification opportunities, this series will offer what the youth need the most: the knowledge to succeed and the tools to realise personal and career growth.

Content & Focus Areas

The series will include sessions on the following:

  1. Understanding the role and impact of technology in development.
  2. Computing in Business – web development, developers, digital marketing, digital technology and marketing certifications, social media marketing and mastery.
  3. Data collection storage, Cloud Computing, Virtualization and certification.
  4. Encryption and blockchain – cyber security, data security, network security.
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 5. Data sciences and analytics – analytics certification – python, developer etc

6. Computer handling and speed – certifications such as Microsoft etc. in this space.

7. Personal Development – improving awareness and identity, developing talents and potential, building human capital and facilitating employability.

8. Starting and running small businesses. 




Offering this level of opportunity to Nigeria’s youth is not without its cost. From financial support for the facilitation of the events, to support in kind – event venues, prizes for hackathons and event activities, branded merchandise and event-specific discounted certifications, to time dedicated for training and mentoring – support in creating employable youth for the next phase in Nigeria’s evolution is welcome. Areas requiring funding:

  1. Marketing – advertising in digital and print media to source attendees
  2. Facilitator fees – Travel, accommodation and honorarium
  3. Conference / Training venue
  4. Conference materials – Bags, notepads, IT stations
  5. Hackathons – Prizes, Stations
  6. AV systems 
  7. Administration fees
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